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About Us
Misfar Tourism & Rent a car is part of Misfar Trading since 2008 and serving its clients with more than six years as a renowned brand in service excellence in the Tourism industry in Oman. As a part of the Oman tourism, Misfar Tourism has introduced a wide range of products and services into their portfolio. The company offers professionally made tours and Expeditions, Trekking or off road by four wheeled luxury cars, reaching into the spectacular caves, sailing in the sea or diving beneath them; and no matter what your destination within Oman, we at Misfar tourism, assure the best service in the industry.

The Company established to celebrate the wonders of Oman Tourism and being closest to the nature whether it will be camping or just exploring. Understanding the individual needs has helped us to initiate pioneering endeavors and to achieve the excellence. It has empowered us to earn the trust of local as well as International clients and build successful partnerships in a highly competitive environment.

Well experienced crew & well qualified Tour leaders are the key stakeholders who helped Misfar tourism to achieve the success. We achieved this success while being in the highly competitive environment by providing our valued clients the most cost effective Tours that impressed the clients about the services offered.

Arab hospitality is a legendary. Traditional social customs offers sumptuous feasts for their desert weary guest. Hospitality is engrained in the Arab way of life and considered a ceremonial and social obligation. We at Misfar tourism will go to the great extent to offer all in this panoramic country to ensure the maximum comfort and the pleasure of our valued guests. These qualities have triggered the pathway for our future. Our aim is to become the market leader by maintaining the international standards in Oman Tourism while keeping the ultimate objective, the 'Sultanate of Oman to become the Jewel of Arabia'.

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